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Joanna Travis

MSc, Cert MRCSLT, MASLTIP, HCPC Registered


I am an experienced Speech and Language Therapist in South West London providing assessment and therapy at home for young children aged 0-5 with a range of speech and language difficulties including;

I also provide speech and language development checks for young children with advice and support on how to help them continue to achieve their full potential. 


I am based in East Sheen and visit homes in Barnes, Richmond, Kew, and most of South West London. 





>  Stammering

>  Delayed language development

>  Speech sound difficulties

>  Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

>  Neurodevelopmental Disorders




A full assessment of your child's speech and language development, usually taking 1-2 hours, in your own home. A written report is provided, outlining what therapy if any is recommended, and giving some initial guidance on how to help your child. 



If appropriate, following assessment, you will receive an individually tailored therapy programme. This may involve regular sessions at your own home. Therapy sessions are play based, building on your child's strengths and interests. 


Developmental Check


A short screening session for children up to 3 years of age. These sessions are useful where there are no specific concerns with your child's speech and language, but you would like to check their development is on track.