Deciding on the best course of action when you are worried about your child’s development can be extremely difficult. For an informal, no obligation chat about your concerns, please contact me by phone or email. 


Every child is unique and will require a different therapeutic approach to support their speech and language development. Below is a guide to the services I offer. 


Online video appointments available, please get in touch for more details and to book

In order to understand the nature of your child’s difficulty and to decide whether your child would benefit from speech and language therapy, a full assessment of your child's speech, language and communication development will be provided. Usually this involves a visit to your home for a discussion with parents and a play session with the child, plus a visit to nursery or pre-school if appropriate.


A combination of formal and informal assessments will be used depending on your child's strengths and needs, and a full written report will be provided. This will provide some initial guidance on how to help your child, and outline what therapy if any is recommended. It is suggested that this report is shared with other healthcare or education professionals working with your child.




​£150 including a detailed report


Therapy sessions

Following a full assessment, recommendations will be made about the best course of action for your child. Every child is individual and there is no 'one size fits all'. Ongoing therapy if needed might involve a block of weekly sessions, or a single session providing strategies to work on at home, followed by a review after 4/6 weeks.


Therapy sessions are done in your own home where your child feels most comfortable, are play based, and work with your child’s strengths and interests. 




​£80 per hourly session as required

Developmental check

A short session in your own home, for children up to 3 years of age. This is useful for parents where there are no specific concerns with your child’s speech and language but you would like to determine whether their development is on track.




​£75 for a 45 minute session including a short report